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Arrest Warrant & Bail

If you know or believe that there is a warrant for your arrest, our firm can help you navigate what may be unfamiliar terrain. Dealing with the police and the criminal justice system can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Knowing what needs to be done and exactly how to do it can be challenging.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in providing exceptional criminal defense representation to clients on a wide range of criminal charges. We can help you or a loved one of yours to weigh the pros and cons of volunteering to come in on a warrant. We can also explain and help guide you through the process for posting bail.

What Are The Acceptable Forms Of Payment For Bail?

If a bondsman is used to cover an individual’s bail, the bondsman will require a payment of a percentage of the total bail. For families and individuals who have sufficient means to cover bail themselves, doing so will create a potentially significant savings when the bail is returned after the case is resolved.

Various forms of payment are acceptable, including:

  • Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Real estate with equity

There is a bond schedule that will dictate your likely bail. There is the possibility of deviation from the bond schedule. Any deviation will be determined by the bond commissioner. Our firm can help facilitate communications with the bond commissioner.

Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

For experienced legal counsel that can help you understand and successfully navigate the bail/bond process, turn to Jurdem, LLC, in Boulder. Call 303-800-3509, toll-free at 877-761-7852 or simply contact us online for a free initial consultation with one of our exceptional criminal defense lawyers. We accept major credit cards for our clients’ convenience.

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