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Position Of Trust

If you are facing sex assault on a child charges that allege you were in a position of trust, this will enhance your potential penalties as well. These charges carry indeterminate sentencing ranges, meaning that the consequences of being convicted can remain for the duration of your life in the form of probation supervision or prison time. Convictions also trigger requirements that you register as a sex offender, a label that has broad reaching consequences in many aspects of life. The current state of the law regarding what constitutes a “position of trust” is very broad.

These Cases Require A Serious Defense

Positions of trust can range from a relative caring for a child, a non-relative caring for a child, or a coach or teacher who, even if not coaching or teaching at the time of the allegations, was at one point responsible for the child’s care or education. The law surrounding these types of charges is extremely complex, and not all criminal defense attorneys are capable of handling such a case. Navigating these cases requires expertise and experience, and hiring an attorney who is well-versed in the potential areas for relief when facing SAOC position of trust is a necessity.

Let Our Team Defend You

These cases are often very sensitive for our clients, as the accuser is often someone well-known to our client and his or her family. The comfort of knowing your case is being handled by attorneys who bring decades of expertise in this area of law is invaluable to both your peace of mind and, more importantly in the long run, the outcome of your case. Personal attention and excellent representation in court are both important aspects of hiring the right lawyer in these cases. At Jurdem, LLC, we work diligently to inform and educate our clients about their complex legal situation, and work just as hard getting the best outcome in your case when it goes to court.

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