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Indecent Exposure Charges Can Mean Harsh Consequences. Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help.

There is a common conception of what someone was actually doing if they have been accused of indecent exposure. While the law prohibits a knowing exposure of genitalia under circumstances that are likely to cause affront or alarm to an observer, people can be charged with indecent exposure for behavior that might otherwise be considered simply a prank or merely inappropriate and in bad taste. A conviction for indecent exposure carries a potential 18-month jail sentence and will obligate you to register as a sex offender.

No matter what the circumstances of your indecent exposure charge, our firm can provide you with an effective defense that can help you secure the best possible resolution to your case.

Handling A Broad Range Of Indecent Exposure Cases

While this crime is typically thought of as containing an element of sexuality, nonsexual situations are sometimes charged under this crime, including:

  • Public urination
  • Streaking
  • Being naked within your own home while visible to those outside

A licensed attorney in Boulder since 1976, Scott Jurdem has broad experience including serving as director of the Denver and Colorado Springs Public Defender Offices.

Conviction Requires Registration As A Sex Offender

Our Boulder indecent exposure defense attorneys understand that a conviction for a sex offense includes serious consequences beyond jail and prison. We will provide you with an exceptional defense that prioritizes a successful outcome while maintaining your privacy.

This makes it all the more important that you secure the best possible defense against indecent exposure charges.

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