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Client Testimonials

While our experience and case wins are important, what truly sets Jurdem, LLC, apart is our dedication to our clients. Below is a sample of the notes written about us from our criminal defense and personal injury clients.

Assault: On December 4, 2017 the firm’s client, a University of Colorado student Facing felony charges of second-degree assault, was fully exonerated when the Boulder District Attorney dismissed all charges. The case arose out of an incident in which the firm client acting in self-defense was accused of causing serious bodily injury to another man outside a business on University Hill in February 2017. Our firm represented the client for approximately 10 months through legal motions and pre-trial proceedings. After multiple unreasonable offers from the district attorney had been rejected, the case was completely dismissed just days before a four-day jury trial was set to commence in Boulder District Court. The client’s petition to seal police and court records has been granted.

Criminal defense: I was referred to Mr. Jurdem and his firm with the tagline, “I’d trust him with my life, and my families’ lives” as a criminal defense attorney.” I had been accused of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, harassment, stalking, obstruction of telephone, etc., over 3 felonies. NONE of which I was guilty of, in fact, there was absolutely NO VIOLENCE (not a phone call, not a text, not an email) HOW COULD I BE CHARGED? If convicted or “cut a deal” to end the nightmare of lengthy court proceedings, I would NEVER be able to continue my career path in Medicine. It was obvious I needed the most meticulous trial attorney in Boulder/Denver.

Upon our first meeting, it became evident why another attorney would refer me to this Law Firm. From day one, Mr. Jurdem was kind and observably brilliant with impeccable attention to detail. During the course of the status conferences and court proceedings leading up to trial, I accumulated 3 more charges which carried a MANDATORY prison sentence of up to 10 years if convicted. My case was like no other. When we would communicate, sometimes multiple times a week, and meet to discuss specific details that were crucial to the case, Mr. Jurdem was always such a pleasure, even given my life circumstances. I was offered a few plea bargains and continued to stand my ground as NOT GUILTY.

Mr. Jurdem supported my EVERY decision throughout this case. Going to trial was one of the scariest moments of my life, yet somehow even though I was an emotional wreck, I was confident in Mr. Jurdem’s intensity and tenacity in the courtroom. It was evident he is respected very highly throughout the entire judicial system. I was amazed how quickly he would communicate via email, sometimes I would see a time stamp at incredibly early hours. I don’t believe another attorney could have worked as hard as Mr. Jurdem and his associates. After Mr. Jurdem got my SECOND CASE DISMISSED in a preliminary hearing, which is extremely rare given the seriousness of the charges, the DA moved to appeal the Judge’s decision, it was granted and we were back to the emotional nightmare of going to trial. A month before my second trial, Mr. Jurdem received notification that the DA moved to DISMISS ALL CHARGES. Now, thanks to Mr. Jurdem’s evident knowledge and mastered skills in the judicial system, I am able to live and pursue the life I was meant to.

Criminal defense: Mr. Jurdem and his firm provided a spectacular defense for our son, a CU senior faced with bogus charges that he assaulted his girlfriend and caused her bodily injury. It was a domestic violence case and because of recent stringent law changes, our son was facing a felony assault charge with a mandatory minimum five year prison term if he had been convicted. You can imagine we were terrified. This was any parent’s worst nightmare. It was evident that we needed the most top notch, well respected firm to show the real facts. Our son had never been in any prior trouble and is on his way to an outstanding career, which he has worked tirelessly for. This case could have destroyed his and all of our lives. Within 24 hours of being hired, the attorneys at Jurdem LLC had already acquired a great deal of information and provided comfort to us in recognizing the plethora of holes in the case.

We were thoroughly impressed by their expeditious efforts. Mr. Jurdem’s disposition is one of great professionalism and sophistication, supreme confidence, unsurpassed knowledge, intensity and caring. He is relentless in his advocacy, very candid and makes himself readily available, understanding the emotions of his clients. It is evident when watching him in the courtroom that he is held in the highest regard by police, the DA’s office, other attorneys and judges. He and his firm worked countless hours and didn’t back down for a second. They were definitely in it to win it on our behalf. They fought the case hard to support our son’s innocence and we rejected the DA’s plea bargain offers on more than one occasion, taking a firm stance. It was all or nothing, which was a huge risk to our son, one of which Mr. Jurdem did not hesitate to support and defend to the end. The week before trial the DA finally caved in and totally dismissed the charges. No plea bargain. No record. A complete dismissal. Now we are sealing my son’s arrest record and he can go back to what we fully expect to be an extraordinary life. We will be forever indebted for the efforts made on our family’s behalf. Thank you, Jurdem LLC!

Personal injury: Scott represented me in a personal injury case which settled in October 2010. His unparalleled skill and tenacity in the courtroom, paired with a thorough understanding of the law and his passion for it, make for an incredibly effective lawyer. Scott not only made sure I stayed abreast of the developments in my case, but also took the time to ensure I had a thorough understanding of the complex concepts and legal jargon inherent to legal proceedings. Most importantly, Scott not only represented me as a ‘client’ but as a ‘person’. I never doubted that my interests were his primary concern and that each recommendation he made embodied that fact. That level of trust was invaluable to me as a client. Top-notch lawyer. Top-notch experience.

Personal injury: After getting injured in a car accident caused by another driver, I needed extensive medical care–I also knew I needed a lawyer. I talked on the phone with multiple personal injury attorneys but I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. Some other lawyers tried to give me medical advice and encourage invasive procedures. I spoke with Scott Jurdem on the phone and instantly knew I had found the right lawyer. My instinct proved correct. Scott is friendly and genuine, never gave me medical advice, and did his job of being the best possible attorney. Within weeks of making a demand he obtained policy limits from the other driver’s insurance. Everyone in the office is wonderful to work with. I’m lucky and grateful I landed in the right place: thank you Scott, Tracee, and everyone at Jurdem, LLC!

Criminal defense: EXCELLENCE!!!!!!! BEST DUI AND CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN BOULDER COUNTY I was stopped for a DUI (2nd offense) also charged with FELONY POSSESSION. Faced with not only the reality of possible jail time but the probability of losing my nursing license my livelihood. Not knowing what to do I started calling lawyers many lawyers (on a Sunday morning). Scott was there, positive he could save my license and take care of everything. You know what, he did….I had refused the breath test they pulled my license, went to the dmv hearing and won – I got my license back. He got all possession charges dropped even before any court dates. The final outcome all charges dismissed!!! AMAZING never did I expect that. Everyone in the office is the best. Very special thanks to John Morrison couldn’t have done it without him. Like I said EXCELLENCE.

Criminal defense: Let me save you a lot of time and stress. Scott is the attorney of attorneys. Scott’s ability to adjust accordingly to any variable thrown his way in my case was beyond exceptional. He was able to win the case without presenting any of his witnesses but only cross examining the DA’s. His knowledge and years of experience were no match for the DA and he was able to win with the jury spending less than two hours deliberating.
I truly felt Scott cared about me as an individual not just as a client that was paying for his services. He even spoke in detail with my elderly parents and they were so comforted knowing we had Scott on our team. I was put in a position that I couldn’t ever imagine and Scott delivered the results with such a confidence that you knew it wasn’t his first rodeo.