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Personal Injury Overview

We ask potential clients to review our firm’s history of jury verdicts and settlements that often exceed five to 10 times the amount the insurance company had initially offered. Our results have been so outstanding that we are consulted and hired by other experienced attorneys to try their personal injury cases.

Injury Cases We Handle

We offer exceptional and experienced representation to individuals who have been injured by negligence in a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Auto accidents — Car accidents are a common cause of major injuries and can include many complicating factors such as road conditions, vehicle maintenance, alcohol or drug use and numerous other factors. We also handle motorcycle and truck accidents.
  • Products liability accidents — Have you been injured while using a consumer good of some sort? From coffee makers and automobiles to power tools and other equipment, we interact with goods every day that, if not properly designed, manufactured or labeled, can be dangerous.
  • Premises liability accidents — When you enter the property of another, business or individual, that party has a responsibility to ensure that their property is reasonably safe for you to enter. Spilled produce in a grocery store, ice on a sidewalk and uneven pavement can all present an unnecessary risk of injury. Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries
  • Professional malpractice — You trust your doctors and nurses to take good care of you, your architect and engineer to build you a solid house, and your lawyer to offer sound, accurate advice. When a licensed professional betrays that trust, you can take legal action.

Our Approach To Winning Compensation

At Jurdem, LLC, we attribute our past successes in personal injury cases to our trial experience. Insurance companies know there are few law firms that are a threat to them in court — they recognize our firm as one of them.

Our clients benefit because we are selective in the number of personal injury cases we accept. This firm is not a personal injury “mill.” We don’t just write a letter and get a small check. At Jurdem, LLC, we can point to many instances where we recovered five to 10 times what the insurance company offered to pay in the months before trial. Our main goal is to win for our personal injury clients.

In this area, “a win” often means you have to beat the money out of the insurance company. Insurance companies see their job as not to pay or pay too little to a seriously injured victim. Insurance companies know that we are ready to take them on — to get top dollar — or go to trial.

We’ll Help You Get A Full And Fair Recovery

Suffering a personal injury can change your life in dramatic ways. You may experience staggering personal and economic losses. Your earning capacity and your ability to continue in your occupation or profession may be impacted depending on the severity and nature of the injuries that you have suffered. Having experienced legal representation can make the difference between having access to the medical, rehabilitative, therapeutic and financial resources necessary for that full recovery.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder personal injury attorneys bring together extensive experience in helping those who have suffered a personal injury to secure the compensation that they will need to begin their journey on the road to recovery.

A History Of Results

Our firm’s experience allows us to secure awards and settlements that make a real difference in our clients’ lives. Examples of how we have helped our clients include:

  • After commencing jury trial on October 19, 2009, on behalf of his client injured in a collision with a drunk driver, Mr. Jurdem received a settlement of $450,000, an amount substantially above State Farm’s final pretrial offer.
  • Recently, on April 29, 2009, Mr. Jurdem’s client, seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, received a settlement valued at $850,000.
  • On March 5, 2009, Mr. Jurdem, having rejected a $300,000 settlement offer, obtained a personal injury verdict in an automobile/truck accident case for his seriously injured client from a Fort Collins, Colorado, jury valued at $2,602,294.90. This verdict was recently affirmed by a unanimous panel of the Colorado Court of Appeals; nearly $2.7 million was paid to Mr. Jurdem’s client. (The separate Cost Judgment, of $25,742.31, was also upheld by the Appellate Court and paid.)
  • Earlier in the winter of 2008 Mr. Jurdem settled another auto crash case for in excess of $530,000.
  • In the spring and summer of 2006 juries in two cases in Arapahoe and Boulder counties awarded his clients in excess of $800,000 in auto crash personal injury cases.

Contact A Boulder Personal Injury Lawyer Today

For experienced legal counsel that can help you protect your rights and secure the maximum compensation, turn to Jurdem, LLC, in Boulder. Call 303-800-3509, toll-free at 877-761-7852 or simply contact us online for a free initial consultation with one of our exceptional Boulder personal injury attorneys. We offer contingent fees on personal injury cases. We only collect attorney fees if we secure compensation for you.