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Boulder And Denver Criminal Mischief Attorneys

At Jurdem, LLC, we provide effective and knowledgeable criminal mischief representation to clients throughout Colorado. If you have been accused of breaking or damaging someone else’s property without permission to do so, you could face serious consequences. It is important to seek advice from an attorney who has represented numerous clients through similar situations in the past.

Our decades of combined experience allow us to build a strong case for your defense. Contact our Boulder criminal mischief attorneys for a consultation regarding your case.

Fighting Criminal Mischief Charges In Boulder Or Denver

A criminal mischief charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the property that was damaged. We are experienced at how to defend these charges and can explain your rights to you no matter what charge you face, including:

  • Class two misdemeanors — property damage is less than $500
  • Class one misdemeanors — property damage is between $500 and $999
  • Class four felonies — property damage is between $1,000 and $19,999

Criminal Mischief Can Be Charged Along With Other Crimes

In many instances, a criminal mischief charge will arise with other criminal charges such as domestic violence, drinking offenses or assault. There is no requirement for an individual to be harmed, property simply has to be damaged. This allows police to charge you when only minor damage has occurred, making it even more important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Whether you are a CU college student> or an individual charged with a domestic dispute, we can help protect your best interests.

Jointly Owned Property In Colorado

While it may seem impossible to be charged with a crime for breaking your own property, it is a real concern. If you jointly own property with one or more individuals and you cause damage to that property, you can still be charged with criminal mischief even though you partially own it.

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