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What Are Pattern Of Abuse Charges In Colorado?

Sexual assault on a child (SAOC) accusations that allege a pattern of abuse are particularly dangerous, and carry lifetime consequences with regard to sentencing, as well as requirements to register as a sex offender if ever released from prison. A pattern can be alleged as two separate incidences, even within the same brief time frame, and a charge of SAOC pattern carries mandatory prison for an indeterminate amount of time.

What An Indeterminate Prison Sentence Means For Your Freedom

Release from an indeterminate prison sentence is not mandated by law, and such a sentence can span the rest of your life unless the parole board deems your sex offender treatment successful and rules that you are fit for release. The data regarding sex offenders’ release from indeterminate prison sentences has been grim since the “Lifetime Act” authorizing these indeterminate sentences for felony sex offenses was passed in the 1990’s.

Do Not Try And Face These Charges Alone

It is crucial in these types of cases that your attorney is well-versed in the complex intricacies of sex offense law, relevant sentencing provisions and avenues of litigation that can provide you relief. Pattern of abuse SAOC charges constitute the most dangerous category of SAOC charges you can face.

At Jurdem, LLC, in Boulder, Colorado, you will get a comprehensive explanation of this complicated area of law to assure you are always informed and empowered to contribute to our defense of your case. Our attorneys have years of experience in SAOC pattern cases, and can identify the strengths and weaknesses of these cases thoroughly and expediently.

Rely On The Experienced Attorneys At Jurdem, LLC

Handling these cases takes a trained and experienced legal mind. Investigating and preparing a defense to your case before you become entrenched in the court process is important no matter what type of crime you are charged with, but in these cases it is crucial. These types of charges carry penalties that are extremely dangerous, and it is imperative that you retain defense counsel who will zealously represent you as soon as possible.

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Hiring a lawyer is important, but hiring the right lawyer is what will make the difference in the outcome of your case. Call our office at Jurdem, LLC to learn more about how we can help you, or send us a message online.

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