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Accusations of child abuse are very serious matters. But, not all accusations are based on the sort of circumstances that people probably think of when they hear about child abuse. A wide variety of situations can be used as a basis for child abuse allegations. These situations can include:

  • Receiving a traffic citation, such as speeding, with children in the car
  • Marijuana cultivation in the house where the child lives
  • False accusations of child abuse

We also routinely see these charges in circumstances involving domestic violence, simple arguments between couples when children are present, and divorces in which an unscrupulous parent uses a false allegation as a weapon to gain advantage over their former spouse.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder child abuse defense lawyers understand the devastation that these types of allegations can create. With our decades of combined experience we can help defend against any accusation of child abuse. It is important to your future and the future of your family that such accusations are zealously defended. Our experience and skill in child abuse defense will ensure that you have the most effective defense available.

Child Abuse Lawyer In Boulder

One reason to aggressively defend yourself against allegations of child abuse is that once a charge has been made, your name may be entered into the TRAILS database, a government database that tracks people accused of child abuse.

When conducting an investigation, Social Services will look to that database, and even if a charge was proved to be unfounded, it can be used to bolster any new claims of child abuse that may occur in the future.

Our firm represents clients at Department of Human Services administrative hearings. We can contest findings and fight unfounded dispositions to prevent items from being entered into the TRAILS database and creating future difficulties.

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