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Facing Drug Charges As A CU Boulder Student? Even Minor Charges Need Serious Legal Assistance.

The University of Colorado campus police may not be thought of as a real police department by some students, but they are mistaken. The CU-Boulder Police Department is a real police department with all of the same capacity to arrest students if they find any illegal drugs during the search of a dorm room or anywhere else on campus.

The fact that the CU-Boulder Police Department routinely searches dorm rooms should give students pause. It can be easy to begin to mistake the insular world of an institute of higher learning as somewhere that the laws of the real world do not apply. Many students have lost their chance for an education and damaged their future with that assumption.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder college student drug charge defense attorneys are fully capable of providing a solid criminal defense that is motivated by the knowledge of how much our clients have to lose if the legal matters they are facing are not properly handled.

Experienced Criminal Defense Against On-Campus Drug Charges

In a college dorm setting, arrests for marijuana possession or prescription painkiller possession can ensnare innocent parties quite readily. Shared living spaces and open access can create situations where a search can lead to an arrest that should not have happened. No matter how your drug-related arrest occurred, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have the skill and experience to help you achieve the best possible resolution to your case.

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