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Talking To The Police

Most people feel that they have an understanding of some of the basics when interacting with police. The average person probably wants to be cooperative, but understands that there are certain boundaries beyond which a police officer would need a warrant.

The fact is that the police routinely ask for information and permission to search homes and cars, and your efforts at cooperation may just incriminate you later.

You Have The Right To Be Silent

What you should do if the police are interested in asking you questions is simply state that you have or are pursuing an attorney and that you would like to have your attorney involved in any discussions that take place.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder attorneys bring together decades of experience in dealing with the police and the law, and we can help you protect yourself from self-incrimination. With our extensive trial experience, we have seen firsthand the difficulties that can be created when people attempt to assist the police with an investigation and they do not have the counsel of a skilled lawyer to guide them past potentially incriminating pitfalls.

Why Silence Is Golden When Dealing With The Police

We understand that for many people it only seems natural to cooperate with the police. What they say they want to ask questions about may seem innocuous enough. The questions themselves may seem innocent. The difficulty comes when the police, perhaps incorrectly, believe that there are discrepancies or inconsistencies within your statement or between your statement and someone else’s statement. Often, your own statements can act as the strongest evidence against you.

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