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Legal Help For CU Boulder Students Facing Student Conduct Violations

If a student at the University of Colorado is accused of some infraction of the student code, they expect the school to take some action. However, what some students may not know is that there is a great degree of communication between the CU Office of Student Conduct and the local police.

An arrest, even for something that many consider fairly insignificant such as minor in possession of alcohol, will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and disciplinary proceedings may be instituted. This is the case for arrests both on and off campus. Police pay special attention to the hill and the bars, dispensaries and student housing there.

At Jurdem, LLC, our University of Colorado student defense lawyers have compiled an extensive track record of success in criminal defense. With decades of experience helping individuals successfully face criminal charges, we can help you secure the best possible resolution to your situation.

Effective Counsel On Dealing With The Office Of Student Conduct

Our firm offers our experience and skills to CU students who are facing suspension, expulsion or any other form of discipline from the Office of Student Conduct. We specifically gear our representation toward assisting students in navigating their appearance before and involvement with the Office of Student Conduct. Some of the more common charges we assist students with include:

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