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Juvenile Diversion

If your child has been convicted of a criminal offense as a juvenile, it can create a difficult uphill battle at nearly every step in the future. Most counties in Colorado have diversion programs in place that allow your child to avoid the conviction provided that he or she successfully completes the program. Most diversion programs are community based and consist of a number of components designed to rehabilitate the child in a way that creates a permanent split from a life of criminal activity. While different jurisdictions may approach their diversion programs in different ways, most of them include such components as community service, counseling, classroom education and others.

At Jurdem, LLC, we have witnessed firsthand the value of these programs and the good they can do for troubled youth. We believe strongly in getting as many of our clients as possible into juvenile diversion programs. As dedicated Colorado juvenile defense attorneys, we see it as our duty to do everything in our power to give your child the best possible chance at a brighter future. With every juvenile client we serve, we always explore diversion programs as an option.

Fighting To Avoid A Conviction On Your Child’s Record

Not every child is accepted into the diversion program. There is an extensive screening process that happens with each prospective participant and strict criteria that need to be met before the participant is admitted. Upon successful completion of the program, the record of your child’s offense is expunged and his or her record is clean. It is as if the offense never occurred at all. To the fullest extent possible, we advocate on your child’s behalf to gain entry into a diversion program.

Speak To One Of Our Boulder, Colorado, Lawyers About Diversion Programs

Speak to one of our exemplary lawyers at Jurdem, LLC, about your child’s options for admission into a diversion program. You can reach us by phone at 303-800-3509, toll free at 877-761-7852 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We accept major credit cards for our clients’ convenience.

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