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Criminal Mischief Defense Attorneys In Boulder

A person who damages property owned or jointly owned by another person commits criminal mischief. Many times, the criminal mischief charges arise from an argument in which one person loses his or her temper and damages someone else’s property.

If you find yourself in this position, you likely never intended to commit a crime. Now, you face criminal charges that could make it harder for you to get a job, rent an apartment or even go to grad school.

Your charges may seem unimportant, but your future isn’t. Do not hesitate to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Jurdem, LLC, in Boulder, Colorado. Contact us today to discuss your options for defending against your criminal mischief charges. We offer free initial consultations and accept major credit cards for our clients’ convenience.

Penalties For Criminal Mischief In Colorado

If the value of the property damaged by the alleged criminal mischief is less than $500, you will likely be charged with a class two misdemeanor offense, which carries a potential jail sentence of between three and 12 months in the Boulder County or other jail.

With more damage, however, the penalties increase. Damage between $500 and $1,000 is a class one misdemeanor that can land you in jail for 18 months if convicted. Damage over $1,000 is a class four felony (up to $20,000) or class three felony (more than $20,000), which carry significant prison sentences and large fines.

Criminal Mischief And Domestic Violence

If the owner of the damaged property is a past or present intimate partner, criminal mischief will be charged as a domestic violence offense. Domestic violence offenses have additional consequences. If you are convicted of domestic violence, you will be required to complete a treatment program and treatment evaluation conforming to the standards adopted by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board.

Note: You can be charged with criminal mischief and domestic violence even if you co-owned the property you damaged.

Focused On Obtaining The Best Possible Results In Your Case

At Jurdem, LLC, our lawyers are experienced in successfully defending against criminal mischief charges arising on their own, or when enhanced in the context of a domestic violence offense. No matter what your case involves, we will strive to obtain the best possible results and, where possible, seal any record of your alleged crime.

Contact us online or call 303-800-3509 or toll-free at 877-761-7852 for a free consultation.

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