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At Jurdem, LLC, our Colorado DUI penalties lawyers provide extremely effective representation to clients facing all types of drunk driving offenses. Many of the people we serve want to know what type of punishment is possible for a conviction in these matters. The first thing you need to know is that a conviction is not automatic. There are a number of different options that we can pursue in an effort to get the charges reduced or to have them thrown out completely. When you hire our firm, we work closely with you to fully understand the circumstances surrounding your arrest. We examine the police reports and any other available documentation looking for any opportunity to strengthen your defense.

DUI And DWAI Penalties

With regard to DUI and DWAI penalties, there are a number of factors that can impact the penalties that you may be facing, and the status of your driver’s license. Your blood alcohol content (BAC), prior DUI or DWAI offenses, and injuries to other people will all be considered and can impact the punishment for a given offense. The law regarding punishment and sentencing for DUI and DWAI charges is complicated, and legislative changes to this body of law are frequent. Navigating potential areas for relief and raising legal challenges to a DUI requires an experienced attorney.

In addition to the criminal court consequences, DUI and DWAI charges carry serious and immediate consequences to your driver’s license. These consequences are the result of decisions made by the Colorado Department of Vehicles (DMV) at an administrative hearing. Representation at both the DMV hearing and the criminal court proceedings is imperative if you are striving for the best possible overall outcome in your case. At Jurdem, LLC, our attorneys are experienced in both aspects of your DUI: handling the DMV administrative hearing and litigating DUI issues in criminal court, providing you with continuity of representation between these two very different proceedings.

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