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Be Ready If You Are Charged With Student Conduct And Title IX Violations

For many young students, a student conduct violation can be nearly as serious as an actual criminal charge. Especially for violations under Title IX, you can easily find yourself facing expulsion from your school with little opportunity to defend yourself. In these situations, you need to have an advocate that can defend you from these harsh punishments and ensure that you are treated fairly by the university.

At Jurdem, LLC, we have over 46 years of criminal defense experience that we have used to protect the rights and education of accused students. At our Boulder office, we understand how these Title IX hearings function and what rights you have under this process. You deserve a fair hearing and the right to a proper defense. Our attorneys are ready to help defend you, so reach out to us to learn how we can help you.

Student Conduct Violations Can Derail Your Education

Although some may not take a code of conduct violation accusation seriously, students should not ignore such claims against them. These claims can cover all types of activities that may be covered by the university’s code of conduct and the consequences can vary greatly depending on how your school handles such claims. You can face many repercussions if the university finds that you did violate their code of conduct, from being required to perform restorative acts to being expelled and unable to complete your degree. Student conduct violations can also go on your permanent record and may impact your ability to obtain certain jobs or further education applications.

What Can Happen During A Title IX Investigation

If you are a student accused of a violation of Title IX, you will find yourself under intense scrutiny, as these cases always involve a charge of sexual discrimination, misconduct or harassment. In most of these cases, if the university decides that you are guilty of the conduct you are accused of, then you can face many forms of punishment including:

  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Loss of scholarship funds
  • Withholding academic credentials and degrees

These investigations are often one-sided, and you are not given nearly as many rights as you would be in a criminal trial under the same circumstances. Evidence may be withheld, or you may be denied the chance to cross-examine a witness. To make matters even more confusing, the rules and standards that apply to these cases change often at the federal level, so it is imperative to have an advocate that understands how to defend you.

Let Us Defend You

If you or your child is facing a student conduct violation or Title IX investigation, you need to take these accusations seriously and get an attorney that is experienced in these cases to fight against these penalties. One of our Colorado attorneys can help you with your case and provide the defense that you deserve to ensure that your rights are respected and you are treated fairly. Call our office today at 303-800-3509, or send us a message online with a brief description of your situation.

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