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It is a perfectly natural reaction for people to struggle when they are physically restrained or assaulted by a stranger. However, if that stranger is a police officer, what would otherwise be a natural and justified reaction to unwanted physical touching often becomes the basis for criminal charges.

Were Alcohol Or Drugs Involved In Your Case?

Individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances who are not accustomed to being touched by police officers are particularly susceptible to these charges. Impaired judgment and perception often cause a heightened sense of fear and panic in reaction to being physically restrained. The fact that someone is in a state of panic or is truly afraid of being assaulted by a police officer will not prevent the police from charging that person with resisting arrest, even for such seemingly innocuous and reasonable behavior such as pulling his or her arms from an officer’s grasp, becoming rigid when an officer tries to place handcuffs on, or squirming on the ground while officers kneel on the small of the person’s back.

What Does It Mean To Resist Arrest?

Additionally, once an individual is placed under arrest, any physical resistance can escalate to a charge of assaulting a police officer, a felony that carries a mandatory prison sentence. If the law enforcement officer is scratched or kicked while an individual is flailing his or her legs, felony charges are often filed.

It is important to remember to be very careful when interacting with the police in terms of physical resistance. Remain respectful throughout the process and you will lessen your chances of additional charges. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at our firm to begin developing your defense.

Effective Defense Is Possible

At Jurdem, LLC, we provide ongoing criminal defense to charges of assault and/or brawling, resisting arrest, obstructing police and disorderly conduct. These charges are very common in our community and more often than not are grouped so that clients face multiple charges for the same conduct.

Our Boulder resisting arrest attorneys have experience defending clients charged or arrested with a wide range of criminal offenses. We understand the severity of the consequences an individual faces upon conviction, and our attorneys work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best resolution possible in their specific situation. Our clients rely on our firm for personal attention and communication throughout their cases.

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