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Providing False Information

Often when young people encounter law enforcement, it may be while they are out in a social setting where there is a temptation to simply use the most expedient means of avoiding involvement with the police. In these situations, people sometimes make the wrong choice and provide law enforcement with a fake ID or give police an incorrect name either for themselves or someone else.

Whatever difficulties that person may have had, have now gotten worse if the police uncover the false information that they were given. Providing police with false information is a crime in and of itself.

False Reporting Of A Crime To Boulder Police Law Firm

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder attorneys are highly skilled trial attorneys with decades of combined experience to help you effectively face criminal charges that you may have stumbled into. We understand the types of situations in which these charges can arise, and we can build a persuasive defense for you.

Many of the situations where law enforcement becomes involved may be minor situations, such as an altercation, and the police are merely trying to gather the necessary information for their report as opposed to conducting a probing investigation. But, when false information becomes part of the situation, a simple conversation may become grounds for a criminal charge.

If you are a student at University of Colorado, such a charge will most likely be referred to the CU Office of Student Conduct. Do not let a minor lapse in judgment affect your ability to secure a higher education.

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