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Boulder Sex Assault On Child Defense Attorneys

While charges of this type conjure the image of “sexual predator,” most of us don’t realize that sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust can occur in even relatively innocent circumstances. The offense involves any sexual contact with a child younger than 18 years of age, by a person in a position of trust. This could be friend of an older sibling or parent trusted to spend time with the child, an aerobics instructor, a music teacher, a religious instructor or others in what could be argued by the prosecutor to be a quasi-parental relationship. Given that an alleged victim of this offense can be very nearly 18 years old and fully consenting, the often mandatory penalty of no less than 10 years to life in prison is mind shattering.

Child Sexual Assault Attorney In Boulder

In an era when the vast majority of homes have internet access, many individuals can quickly find themselves in harm’s way. Even though most internet sex crimes involve no actual contact, the penalties are severe and the consequences are potentially permanent. Internet sex crimes involving children include child pornography offenses, internet sexual exploitation of a child, internet luring of a Child, enticement of a child and many others. This list is not exhaustive, and if you have reason to believe you will be investigated for any sex offense involving a child, it is critical that you seek the advice and representation of a skilled attorney immediately.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder child sexual assault lawyers are regularly called upon to defend individuals charged with a wide range of internet sex crimes. It is important to remember that looking at pornography on the internet is completely legal. Unfortunately, many websites will collect your information and begin sending email links to other sites. These other sites might contain viruses or illegal content. Once those types of email are coming to you, you are caught in a web that might ultimately lead to your undoing. If you have stumbled upon a website with illegal content, you might face a number of internet sex crimes charges. Do not hesitate to get a knowledgeable attorney involved in your case.

Luring And Chat Sites

The prevalence of live chat, social networking or chat rooms on the internet has led to an increase in individuals being charged with a luring of a child offense. Law enforcement “stings” are common where the supposed “child” is a police officer on the other end of an internet communication. The central problem with chat sites lies in the fact that you do not know who you are talking to or how old he or she is. If you encourage someone you believe to be a minor to meet you for even nonsexual purposes after having discussed sexually explicit behavior over the internet, you may be charged with internet luring of a child.

The attorneys at our firm have decades of trial experience that can be drawn upon while defending our clients through negotiations or courtroom litigation. Trust us to develop an effective defense while doing everything possible to minimize the consequences of your charge.

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