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Conspiracy Attorney

Conspiracy is an offense that can have a devastating impact on a person who is fairly far removed from the actual crime. In its most basic form, conspiracy occurs when two or more people work together to commit a crime. For example, if you are caught delivering a few grams of methamphetamine, the law provides for you to be considered a co-conspirator with those who produce and traffic the drug, and for you to face the same charges as if you were doing the production and trafficking yourself. Additional examples might include a getaway driver being charged with bank robbery or a person whose weapon was used in a murder being charged with the murder itself. There are also many cases where even a failed attempt to commit a crime can result in being charged as if the crime was actually committed.

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder conspiracy lawyers have represented countless people who were accused as co-conspirators to larger crimes. We understand how intimidating it can be to face charges for a federal offense, especially when you never committed the crime. We have a complete understanding of the law in these matters, and you can count on us to utilize every legal resource at our disposal in an effort to protect your interests.

Creating A Defense Against Federal Conspiracy Charges

There can be a number of different ways that our attorneys can go about defending you against charges for conspiracy. There can be many situations where the accused person wasn’t even aware that he or she was committing a crime. We work closely with every client in order to understand your involvement in the alleged crime. We use that information to build the best possible plan of action in pursuit of your defense. Most importantly, before you say anything to the police, talk to an attorney first.

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For experienced legal counsel that is designed to protect your rights above all else, make Jurdem, LLC, your first call. You can reach us by phone at 303-800-3509, toll free at 877-761-7852 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our exceptional Colorado attorneys. We accept major credit cards for our clients’ convenience.

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