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Drug Charges

What should you know about study drugs?

College students often have intense class schedules. Add in the need to work to earn money and the desire to live the social life of a college student and things can become overwhelming. This stress can lead to trouble with their academics. For some college students,...

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3 examples of constructive possession

If illegal drugs are found on someone’s body or they’re caught using or making drugs, then they would be charged with drug possession. A drug possession charge is a serious offense that can lead to serious implications, such as fines and incarceration. A drug...

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“Magic mushrooms” legalized in Colorado

Four years after the city and county of Denver moved to decriminalize personal possession and use of psilocybin and psilocyn – the hallucinogenic chemical components of “magic mushrooms”– the voters in Colorado passed Proposition 122. This legalized psilocybin and...

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