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An alarming increase in homicides

Homicides in the United States continue an alarming growth, with some seen increases not seen in six decades. Both large and small cities throughout the country have seen tragic upticks in murders. Some cite the pandemic. Others note the increase in gun purchases to...

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What are your Miranda rights?

Of the many things that popular TV crime shows get wrong about the justice system, perhaps the most pervasive is the Miranda warning. We’ve all seen it a million times—the moment the handcuffs click, the warning begins: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything...

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Make Your Criminal Record Disappear

With the passage of House Bill 19-1275, Colorado has expanded the number and nature of prior convictions eligible for sealing. For those who have a criminal record but have since led a law-abiding life, the new law gives a chance to truly let the past be the past- and...

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