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How will a DUI affect your insurance premiums?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | DUI/DWI

There are plenty of reasons to fight a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. A conviction can have a huge detrimental effect on your life, so if you can avoid a conviction, it’s definitely worth doing so.

One reason to add to those you probably already know about – such as penalties, license suspicions, possible jail time and a criminal record, is the effect a conviction will have on your insurance premiums.

Your insurance will get even more expensive

Many people find car insurance a major burden on their finances. This is particularly true for students who are often trying to make a meager budget stretch while allowing themselves time to study rather than have to work all their spare hours. To top it all, they probably already pay far more than most people because of their age and relative lack of driving experience, which leads insurers to consider them a bigger risk.

A premium increase could mean you have to give up your car until you finish your studies and secure full-time employment. Just think of how much of an issue you might find that lack of mobility.

The average increase in Colorado is a massive 65% if you get a DUI. That could increase even further should you get further DUI convictions.

There are many different ways to fight a DUI charge. By getting legal help to learn about what might work in your case, you can decide whether you have a chance to beat the charge and save yourself a massive insurance premium hike or not. The only sure thing is that if you do not try to contest a charge, you will be convicted and your premiums will rise.