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What Colorado college students need to know about drug crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Drug Charges

The college years are full of new experiences and personal growth. During this time, many young adults learn who they are and what they want to do with their lives. It is also a time when many people learn by making major mistakes.

One of the more common forms of personal experimentation college students dabble in involves trying mind-altering substances. From drinking alcohol while still underage to trying different drugs, there are many ways for Colorado college students to attempt to broaden their horizons through chemical experimentation.

Such behavior may seem totally harmless until a college student encounters law enforcement professionals. One of the most dangerous things that a young adult can do with drugs is to get caught with them, especially if they want to pursue a career that requires an advanced degree. What consequences can Colorado college students anticipate for a drug offense in addition to the penalties handed down by the criminal courts?

There will likely be academic and financial aid challenges

There was a time not long ago when a single drug conviction was enough to make someone permanently ineligible for federal student aid. Reform has changed that, and now drug convictions only have a short-term impact on financial aid at the federal level if someone ends up in state custody. However, those charges can still have profound consequences for someone’s education.

Many educational institutions and private scholarship organizations perform criminal background checks when granting scholarships or awarding them each year. A criminal record could prevent someone from securing a scholarship or other financial aid and might result in the revocation of a prior award.

The school could also impose penalties on a student convicted during their enrollment or immediately prior to it. In some cases, a conviction will result in the school revoking an offer of admission. Other times, students will end up expelled or on academic probation because of a criminal charge. Additionally, the criminal record they have could affect their eligibility for on-campus housing or participation in certain extracurricular activities.

College students, like many other young adults, make mistakes that can have lasting consequences. Fighting back against pending drug charges may require the help of their parents and an attorney, but it is often the best option for college students who still want to continue their educations despite their legal challenges.