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Former Colorado baseball star Helton sentenced in DUI case

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | DUI/DWI

Todd Helton, the former star first baseman for the Colorado Rockies, has pleaded guilty to DUI and received two days in jail related to a 2019 car accident. It is the second offense for Helton, who reportedly entered a substance abuse rehabilitation facility following his arrest.

Helton was arrested in March 2019 after he crashed his vehicle into a telephone pole in Tennessee. Police claim they found a cup that smelled of alcohol inside the car, and that Helton told them he had taken Ambien a few hours prior. Shortly afterward, Helton’s agent announced that the Rockies legend had entered a rehab facility.

Besides the brief jail sentence, the court imposed a yearlong suspension of Helton’s driver’s license. He also will be on probation for just short of one year and have to pay a $350 fine.

This is Helton’s second DUI charge. He pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired (DWAI) in Colorado in 2013, when he was still playing for the Rockies. He played 17 years for the club, which retired his jersey in 2014.

Professional athletes are not the only ones that need legal help after a DUI arrest

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If you are a young person who was just arrested for DUI, you should not let this incident turn into something that affects your long-term future.