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Cruising for trouble: Never assume traffic tickets are minor

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Serious Traffic Tickets

Traveling along the scenic roadways here in Colorado is a pleasure, but straying from the rules can land you in hot water. Of course, any traffic ticket has the potential to sting a bit, but some traffic violations pack a much heavier punch.

Here is a brief look on the most serious traffic tickets you could receive from a Boulder police officer.

The obligatory mention: DUI

You know it, but it is always worth a mention: A DUI conviction in Colorado comes with a hefty price tag, potentially including a lengthy jail sentence, a massive fine and the suspension or revocation of your license.

Careless driving

Risky behaviors like excessive speeding, ignoring traffic signals and weaving through vehicles are considered severe violations. A conviction can result in a hefty fine, points on your license and perhaps even jail time.

Reckless driving

Actions that show a blatant disregard for safety, like street racing or fleeing the police, may fall into the reckless driving category. A step more than careless driving, it could lead to expensive fines and time behind bars upon conviction.

Unlicensed driving

Driving without a license is never a good idea because it is unlawful. Getting caught means facing more of those costly fines, potential time in jail and having your vehicle impounded.

Even seemingly minor violations can snowball into much bigger legal issues. Always prioritize safety, follow traffic laws, and be aware of the potential consequences of your actions. Remember, you have a right to present a defense. Having experienced legal guidance can help.