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What to consider when deciding whether to fight a traffic ticket

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Serious Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets don’t seem like a big deal to most people. However, if they accumulate, they could seriously impact your driving record and economic circumstances.

In Colorado, tickets appear on your record for seven years and increase the number of points on your license, potentially threatening your driving privileges. You have the right to challenge a traffic ticket, but should you? Here are some things to consider.

Offense severity

Tickets for serious violations like leaving an accident scene or eluding the police are points-heavy and can add up quickly. Fighting the ticket can protect your license from excessive points and may help you avoid more severe charges and penalties.

Your current record

Is this your first traffic ticket? Courts may look more favorably on your case if your driving record before the offense shows no previous violations. It may be possible to have your charges or penalties reduced if you challenge the ticket. Dismissal of the ticket may also be an option.

Economic issues

Serious traffic violations can cost thousands in fees and associated expenses in the short term. They can also increase your auto insurance rates. Fighting the ticket comes with upfront costs, but it could save you money over time by keeping your insurance costs stable and eliminating fees.

How can you decide whether to fight?

Try to determine your chances of winning your case based on the evidence police officers may have against you. For example, if they have nothing more than their observations as evidence, you may have good odds of success.

Sometimes, an objective outside opinion can help you clarify your circumstances and make wise decisions. Consider taking your case to a legal professional for review. They can give you more information about Colorado traffic laws and explain your options.