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College students accused of crimes: Stay off social media

College students who have been accused of crimes should exercise caution when using social media due to the potential impact it can have on their legal proceedings and overall reputation. 

There is no question that staying off of social media is challenging. But, given what is at stake, it is important for a college student who has been accused of criminal wrongdoing to remain either off of social media or to use it only with extreme caution until their case is fully resolved. 

Safeguarding your defense and your future

Social media posts and activities can be used as evidence against a college student in a criminal case. Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies often monitor social media platforms to gather information that can be used to establish guilt or undermine a student’s defense. Posts, photos and videos that depict or suggest involvement in illegal activities, inappropriate behavior or contradict the student’s alibi can be damaging to their case.

Social media presence can significantly influence the perception of the accused student’s character by the public, college administrators and potential jurors. Negative or incriminating posts can shape opinions and lead to prejudiced views, impacting the student’s credibility during legal proceedings. Even innocent posts that may be misinterpreted or taken out of context can be detrimental to their case.

It’s important for college students to understand that their online activities leave a lasting digital footprint. Even if they delete posts or close accounts, traces of their online behavior can still exist through screenshots, saved content or archived data. It’s difficult to completely erase one’s online history, and past posts can resurface and cause harm.

Seeking legal guidance promptly can help college students to build a strong defense to the case against them. Yet, it is also important for them to refrain from any activity that could undermine the strength of that defense.