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Colorado seatbelt use remains low

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Serious Traffic Tickets

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s 2022 Colorado Statewide Seat-Belt Study revealed that more state residents are buckling up before traveling in their respective automobiles. While any increase represents a promising trend, less than half a percent is hardly worthy of celebration.

In reality, Coloradans are significantly behind their fellow states that are averaging 90%. In fact, Colorado roads are at 146 fatalities caused by lack of restraints. Weld County, well known to be at the bottom of seatbelt use statewide, increased from 71 to 80% in 2022. At the bottom is Pueblo County at 67.6%.

Still falling short?

Looking at the big picture, Colorado has increased seatbelt use by six percent in nine years, with commercial vehicles leading the way from 65.5 to 79.2% in 2013. Eleven counties in total had a rate of 90 percent, with two counties seeing improvements since 2021 and five counties in 2020. Arapahoe County tops the list at 93.8%.

Growth for specific types of vehicles reveals the following:

  • Commercial operators led the pack with an increase from 76.2 to 79.2%
  • Pickup truck drivers were at 78.5%, negating any previous growth at 88.1%
  • Passenger vehicle operators increased slightly to 87.6%
  • Van drivers grew from 88.1 to 89%
  • Those traveling using SUVs increased from 85.9 to 90.3%

Three Click It or Ticket initiatives saw drivers receiving citations approaching 2,800. Most tickets came from Castle Rock law enforcement. More alarming were the 38 drivers with a child less than 15 years old not restrained in the vehicle.

A speeding ticket does not mean that a conviction is imminent. Help from a criminal defense attorney with comprehensive knowledge of traffic law in Colorado may provide the best possible outcome.