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Street racing continues to trend

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

With another Independence Day in the rearview mirror, the numbers of motor vehicle accidents are being tallied with an increase highly likely. Some of those collisions will involve illegal activities that date back to the invention of the car itself.

Street racing saw a resurgence during a worldwide pandemic. Countless enthusiasts found roads less traveled to get away from anything related to COVID-19. Entertainment options were already limited, causing frustration to grow. Many found the proverbial “need for speed,” regardless of the risks and potential consequences.

Dangers throughout the state

Public and private roads throughout Colorado and the nation took the form of NASCAR-style tracks for late-night/early morning entertainment. Racers found refuge on two-lane highway roads and parking lots at warehouses and prominent retailers. As with previous years, police struggled to keep up with continuous calls reaching their switchboards.

In the early days of the COVID-19 shutdown, Denver police saw more than 500 911 calls over street racing with 111 arrests. The next year was down to 318 and there have been 107 calls with 23 arrests to date in 2022. However, those numbers don’t account for the countless races that go unnoticed. Add to that the continuing popularity of this pastime in a post-pandemic environment.

Even though 911 calls and arrests have decreased since 2020, last month saw the deadliest consequences after a local firefighter got in the way of races, losing his life after being shot.

With summer still in its early stages, street racing is likely to continue. Law enforcement responding to calls may result in arrests. However, accusations do not equal guilt. The consequences are severe and will require a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney.