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College students face additional consequences for a DUI

College is an exciting time for students. Gaining independence, finding their way in being an adult, and making important decisions on their own can be a lot to take on. Unfortunately, an estimated 30% of college students decide to drive while impaired by alcohol. Not only does this decision come with considerable legal consequences, but it can also have secondary consequences a student is not prepared for.

What else can happen after a DUI conviction

Colleges often choose to punish students who get arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Expected consequences a school an enact include:

  • Academic probation
  • Loss of scholarship
  • Losing a spot on a sports team
  • Losing financial aid
  • Deferred suspension
  • Mandatory enrollment in an alcohol education program
  • A formal note in your student record
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Some consequences can have additional indirect consequences. For example, losing a seat on a sports team can mean not being able to maintain the athletic scholarship a student has. Losing a scholarship or financial aid can keep a student from paying tuition or boarding costs, keeping them from attending classes without the school expelling them.

The importance of fighting a DUI

Even if a DUI charge has minimal consequences like a small fine and some community service, a conviction can come with far more consequences from the college than the student is willing to bear. If you are facing DUI charges as a student, make sure you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help you fight your charges and stay in school to continue pursuing your education.