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Practice restraint if you’re the subject of a restraining order

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If someone has taken out a restraining order against you, you may be struggling to contain your emotions. However, you must follow the restraining order to the letter of the law. If you violate the terms of the order, even if you’re merely attempting to explain yourself, the consequences can be swift and harsh.

Restraining order requests are often granted quickly

It doesn’t take much for the court to issue a restraining order, also referred to as protective orders. There is often a presumption that the alleged victim is telling the truth. As a result, restraining orders can be issued on flimsy evidence.

Because orders are often issued swiftly, and without a chance for you to tell your side of the story, it’s important to avoid having an adverse reaction. View it as a roadblock and put your emotions in park until you explore your legal options.

Upholding your reputation

Even if you’re entirely innocent of the allegations made in a restraining order, violating its terms will reflect poorly on yourself. An attorney can help you challenge a protective order and prevent your reputation from being tarnished.

A skilled legal professional can thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding an alleged victim’s story. It might be possible to challenge the motivation behind the order. Was the alleged victim seeking some form of revenge? Was an order taken out to hinder child custody efforts?

There are ways of upholding your reputation. You should discuss your situation with a professional to help you move forward with your life.