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How to get out of college classes – permanently

Most college students quickly learn ways to get out classes without missing too much information required for tests.

While it may seem harmless to skip a class here or there, there are plenty of ways to get out of class permanently when you are living in a college town.

Common criminal charges among college students

College students are not immune to the law, and unfortunately many students also end up facing criminal charges during their tenure. Most colleges and universities have policies to expel students for certain criminal offenses, particularly if a conviction results from the charges.

There are several common criminal charges among college students:

  • Drug-related charges: College students can be charged with a crime if they are under the influence of illegal drugs, selling illegal drugs or carrying illegal drugs on their person. It should be noted that the types of drugs that are prevalent on college campuses are not necessarily street drugs. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in college communities.
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Partying has long been a favorite pastime of college students, and sadly far too many opt to drive after they have been drinking. DUI charges are quite common on college campuses.
  • Indecency charges: Public nudity and urinating in public are acts that can lead to indecency charges, and in college towns, this can happen more frequently than someone might imagine.
  • Inappropriate sexual conduct: Recent news events have highlighted the gross amount of criminal sexual conduct that occurs on college campuses. From sexual harassment to rape, inappropriate and illegal sexual conduct can result in a serious criminal charge.

Repercussions after being charged with a crime

In addition to having to deal with the legal repercussions associated with a criminal charge, you also will face consequences from the university that you attend. Many colleges and universities in Colorado and across the country are cracking down on criminal activity among students. Most students will face at least a suspension for a minor criminal charge, while expulsion is becoming increasingly common for those facing more serious criminal charges. College students who also are athletes may find themselves removed from the team that they play for if they are charged with a crime.

How to avoid expulsion and other penalties after being charged with a crime

The best way to avoid getting kicked out of school is to avoid risky activities that may lead to a criminal charge. However, in the event that one mistake leads to a serious criminal charge, you can minimize the damage by hiring the right criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and advocate for you as you work with university officials in the wake of your criminal charge.

It’s not uncommon for college students to feel invincible. You are in the midst of a unique stage of life – one where you can enjoy your independence, but where you also do not face many of the responsibilities of older adults. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the college experience, but if you have found that you have made a few mistakes you may need to enlist the help of a qualified attorney.

Don’t let a criminal charge dictate the rest of your life. Contact us today to get help.