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Ex Colorado officer arrested on cocaine distribution charges

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2014 | Drug Charges

Being arrested on drug charges for the first time in Colorado can be a scary and disheartening experience. Whether it is a minor charge or if it is for drug sales and distribution, the potential of facing serious punishment and jail time exists. For this reason, Colorado residents must take their situation seriously and do everything they can to defend themselves against the allegations appropriately.

Out of all people to be arrested for drug crimes, maybe one of the least likely was an ex-police officer who was recently arrested and accused of cocaine trafficking in Colorado. The 39-year-old man attended a court hearing on Jan. 24. There, the ex-officer was forced to answer to accusations that he made use of his status as a police officer to commit the alleged crimes.

The multiple drug allegations brought against the officer could result in a 20-year prison term and as much as $1 million in penalties per criminal count. One neighbor, who had been to the man’s house for barbecues could not believe that the 13-year veteran of law enforcement could have been involved in any kind of drug crimes. Another neighbor also expressed her disbelief, saying that she simply could not see the man doing it. His next appearance in court is scheduled for Jan. 29.

By following through with a well-planned legal defense, the accused officer in this case may be able to achieve positive results. Indeed, even when the evidence appears to be extraordinarily bad against an accused individual, a successful legal defense may ensure that the accused does not have to serve time in jail and/or limit any prison sentence. Of course, the ultimate goal in defending any kind of criminal matter, whether it be for drug distribution or another kind of crime, is to get the charges dropped and/or gain a verdict of not guilty.

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