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Police say alleged attack on pedestrian was motivated by bias

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Criminal Defense

When someone in the Denver area is accused of committing a crime, there are several factors that could play into the person’s success at trial, if the case ultimately is heard in court. When the alleged attack occurs in broad daylight with several witnesses — including a newspaper reporter — the offenses might be tougher to deny.

This may be the case with an incident a couple of months ago that took place outside a downtown hotel. A woman with dark skin and Indian features was attending a conference there; she works for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. When she was outside on the sidewalk using her phone, she said a man screamed at her and accused her of being a terrorist; she was knocked to the ground when he hit her.

A 33-year-old man was arrested and charged with crimes including third-degree assault and bias-motivated crime. The presence of the second charge means that the punishment for the alleged assault would be more severe if the man is convicted. This might be difficult to get out of; a reporter recorded a video of the man essentially admitting the assault. That video has been posted on the newspaper’s web page.

Regardless of if a case has attracted attention from being in public, it can be of crucial importance to someone charged with a violent crime to seek experienced representation from a Colorado criminal defense attorney. In many cases, it may take the experience of an attorney to get the best possible outcome in a serious case for a defendant.

Source: The Denver Post, “Man charged with bias-motivated attack in downtown Denver,” Austin Briggs, Oct. 15, 2013