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Two Colorado students face felony charges for alleged pill sale

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2013 | Drug Charges

A University of Colorado student allegedly offered to sell another student a prescription pill for $5 while on the Boulder campus. Both students have since been arrested and are facing felony drug charges.

The student claimed to have been selling the pill was 23-years old, and the student that supposedly purchased the pill was 21-years old. The pill was reportedly a stimulant that is used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder, and apparently some students use such medications as a way to stay awake while studying.

Other students on campus apparently thought the felony charges brought against the two students was “a little harsh.” A Class 3 felony involving the sale of a controlled substance, for which one of the two students have been charged, can potentially result in a number of years in prison. Even a Class 6 felony for possession of that controlled substance can lead to a sentence of one year or longer in prison. In whatever case, an arrest and conviction regarding each of these charges can tarnish one’s reputation and lead to a lifetime of consequences.

Whether we think the punishment is disproportionate to the crime charged, the above situation indicates that such arrests can occur almost anywhere. This matter all came about because one campus employee alleged to have seen the sale of the pill occur. What this employee did or did not see likely will only be revealed if that witness is cross examined by attorneys representing the students in a court of law.

Even if the charges are true, we must keep in mind that we are dealing with two young adults that are attending college. Young people make mistakes and sometimes do foolish things. Few would agree that what is best for these students in these circumstances is long term imprisonment.

When a young person is arrested for a crime, what they most require is the advice and assistance of an attorney that will look out for their client’s best interests. Every arrest is singular, and criminal defense attorneys can bring the individual circumstances of each case to the attention of the court. If a young person is emotionally troubled or struggling with substance abuse issues, these young people require help and counseling rather than incarceration.

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