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Red Feather man facing serious marijuana charges after raid

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2013 | Drug Charges

Recreational marijuana use may be legal now in Colorado, but marijuana charges can still lead to long-term consequences and jail time. A Red Feather man is facing serious penalties after police raided a building in Fort Collins.

In the building, according to police, were more than 60 pounds of marijuana and 350 cannabis plants. Records in Larimer County indicate that the building in question was registered as a medical-marijuana dispensary owned by the man now in custody, but authorities claim the seized cannabis wasn’t being sold as medical marijuana.

Police say that in 2012 an undercover officer purchased a pound of pot from the man, and an affidavit claims there was no mention of medical use. Authorities also claim the man instructed the undercover officer to conceal the marijuana in the trunk of his vehicle.

The charges against the 40-year-old include felony counts of marijuana-related conspiracy, distribution and cultivation. If convicted on the charges, he could face years in prison.

The stakes may be especially high in this case because the accused was arrested while under deferred-sentence requirements imposed after a previous conviction. As a result, he is also accused of failing to comply with the court’s order.

For the previous conviction, the man completed a seven-day jail sentence and received a two-year sentence that was deferred. He was also ordered to complete community service.

If Coloradoans find themselves accused of any kind of marijuana crime, it is extremely important to mount a strong and meaningful defense. Just because marijuana laws have become more lenient does not mean that prosecutors will not seek the harshest possible penalties.

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