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Man in Boulder motel arrested after campus complaints

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Colorado defendants have good reasons not to want a criminal record involving a sex offense. Defendants have been accused of sexual misconduct over simple misunderstandings. A conviction may include long-term repercussions.

A 28-year-old man was arrested at a Boulder motel recently, after police responded to reports from several women complaining of harassment and attempted sexual contact. The alleged incidents occurred on and near the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Two encounters apparently occurred on the same day, about 10 minutes apart.

The stories the women told were similar in nature. In mid-November a student reported a man came up to her and began to make sexual comments. In December, two women reported a man approached them to ask for directions – in each case, the women were followed.

The man reportedly made sexual comments toward the first woman. In the second incident, a female student was followed to a sorority house and back to the university campus. Along the way, the defendant allegedly tried to touch the student’s breast and kiss the woman.

Tips from students helped authorities identify and trace the man to the motel. Police said the man was not a student at the university. The defendant was charged with harassment and attempted unlawful sexual contact.

A sex crime does not have to be assault to have a tremendous and immediate personal impact. Society, laws and, therefore, prosecutors are very sensitive about allegations of sexual misbehavior. Arrests draw unwanted media attention, even before formal charges are filed, pleas are entered or cases are proven.

A single conviction can force defendants to register as sex offenders, a database accessible to the public. You may be ordered to undergo therapy and go to prison. Your criminal record may prevent you from living in certain neighborhoods or from getting or keeping a job.

A criminal defense attorney can help minimize or prevent these consequences.

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