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1 man charged with assault, 1 sought for Boulder bar brawl

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Many Colorado University students and other Boulder residents have witnessed verbal and physical confrontations in public. It’s no surprise these incidents occur with some regularity in establishments where alcohol is served. Not all bar fights end with punches and police but when they do, participants may face serious criminal charges.

One of two men suspected of injuring two patrons at an Irish pub in September was arrested recently. The 26-year-old defendant allegedly became enraged over a spilled drink, after bumping into another man on the dance floor at Conor O’Neill’s. Police reports said the defendant struck and cut the victim’s face with a glass.

At the same time, friends of both men were involved in a fight. A companion of the defendant reportedly broke the jaw of the victim’s friend. At last report, authorities were continuing the search for the defendant’s friend, based on a description of his physical appearance and clothing.

Police used credit card information at the pub to identify a woman who with the defendant at Conor O’Neill’s the night of the fight. The defendant surrendered to authorities after the woman provided police with the man’s name. He was arrested and booked into Boulder County Jail on suspicion of second-degree assault and later released on bond.

According to reports, the first assault victim suffered permanently disfiguring injuries to his face. Plastic surgery will be necessary to repair the damage caused by the glass lacerations. The medical condition of the man with the broken jaw was not updated.

Colorado law defines assault as a deliberate threat or attempt to cause a physical injury. Actual bodily contact is known as battery. Second-degree assault is a felony offense, which can carry long-term personal, societal and professional consequences.

Defense attorneys try to ease hardships caused by criminal allegations and convictions. Criminal lawyers may attempt to have charges dropped or reduced to a less damaging charge.

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