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Traveling salesman accused of Boulder customer’s sexual assault

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Some criminal offenses are so repugnant to society that defendants are found guilty in the public’s mind before any conviction occurs. Colorado defendants charged with sexual assault require a formidable defense to challenge the state’s aggressive prosecution. The defense must convince a court a defendant was innocent or create doubt that a sex crime occurred.

A traveling salesman, working door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions, was arrested by Boulder police after a customer’s reported an attempted sexual assault. The 26-year-old Encore Inc. employee was accused of forcing his way into a woman’s home and attacking her.

The woman told authorities she responded to a knock at the door. The visitor said he was collecting money for charity but sometime during the conversation, pushed the woman inside her home and began to grope her. The alleged victim said she went to the bedroom to find money, hoping a donation would drive the man away.

Instead, the man followed the female and reportedly assaulted her. An update in the Daily Camera stated the woman kicked the man in the face multiple times and ordered him to leave. He did, but the salesman also left behind a paper containing his name.

Two other women in the neighborhood reported unusual encounters with the man. One woman said the salesman asked for “a hug and kisses,” while the other neighbor said the man touched her chest. Both stated the man left after donations were given.

The salesman was jailed on $100,000 bond. The defendant was charged with unlawful sexual contact, second-degree attempted sexual assault and second-degree burglary.

Sexual charges are frequently an alleged victim’s claim against a defendant’s denial. Nevertheless, a defendant is up against a serious charge with consequences that can be disastrous, personally and professionally. In some cases, a criminal lawyer can show allegations stemmed from behavior misinterpretation, the influence of intoxicants or even an act of revenge.

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