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Boulder County felon jailed after firing shots in Longmont

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Criminal Defense

A 30-year-old Boulder County man is behind bars after a confrontation in front of the Longmont home of his former girlfriend. Authorities said the defendant admitted he fired a weapon, although he claimed the shooting was in self-defense. The man told a detective he was depressed about his girlfriend breaking off their relationship and disliked the woman’s new boyfriend.

The unidentified ex-girlfriend said she was alone when the defendant arrived at her home. The former boyfriend allegedly pulled out a handgun and started waving it around. The conversation ended, when the man got into a Jeep, occupied by a male passenger, and drove off.

The woman contacted her current boyfriend and two brothers, who came to her home. The group was standing outside when the ex-boyfriend drove by, shouted a remark and stopped the Jeep a few doors away. As one of the men in the group approached the vehicle, witnesses saw the defendant shoot into the air and move the Jeep a little farther down the street.

Police said two men from the group then walked toward the vehicle. Two more shots reportedly were fired by the ex-boyfriend – one into the air and another at the ground, apparently near a witness. The defendant then drove off and, according to some accounts, possibly shot into the air again.

When police located the man, authorities also found a rifle and other items connected to an unrelated burglary. Police are continuing a search for the gun allegedly used at the ex-girlfriend’s home. The defendant, with two earlier felony convictions, was jailed on charges of domestic violence, weapons possession, felony menacing and burglary.

A conviction for some offenses can severely limit future personal and professional opportunities. Federal law also bars individuals with felony convictions from possessing firearms. Consequences for defendants with prior records may be severe, especially without the guidance of a criminal defense attorney.

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