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What is considered domestic violence in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Domestic Violence Charges

People in intimate relationships (dating or married) deserve to love each other without domestic violence. This act results in physical and mental effects that can last for years.

But what constitutes domestic violence in Colorado? Below are five potential situations that may lead to a domestic violence case.

Violent acts

Violent acts, such as hitting, slapping, biting, grabbing, hair pulling and pinching, may be considered domestic violence, particularly when done without consent. Forcing a partner to drink alcohol or denying medical care can also be viewed as physical abuse.

The threat of a violent act

Threatening an intimate partner may also be an act of domestic violence. For instance, threatening to hurt people or an animal to control, coerce, revenge or intimidate a partner is abusive. This forces them to do things they wouldn’t have given a choice.


When a party is insecure or feels entitled to their partner’s attention and time, they may end up stalking them physically or using technology. This causes fear to the one being stalked and can lead to other forms of abuse if the perpetrator gets out of control.

Sexual abuse

Forcing a partner to engage in sexual behavior is a violent act – without consent, a sexual act in an intimate relationship may be spousal rape. It may also be abusive to treat a partner in a sexually demeaning manner.

Financial abuse

Stopping a partner from working or controlling their money may be financial abuse. It may also be wrong to restrict someone from accessing financial information.

Colorado laws protect people who have experienced violence, attempted violence, threats of violence, stalking, coercion, revenge and control. Being accused of this can lead to high penalties. If you are facing such allegations, seek legal guidance to protect yourself.