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What can happen to a CU student who is convicted of DUI?

Having a DUI on your record is not good for anyone. But this is especially true for college students. For them, being convicted in court or pleading guilty to a drinking and driving charge can mean more than a big fine, losing their driver’s license and having to perform hours of community service. Their college career could end in expulsion.

CU’s anti-DUI policy

The University of Colorado Boulder’s Student Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits students from “driving while under the influence of alcohol.” If university officials learn that a student is accused of violating this policy, it sends the student a letter called a Resolution Meeting Notice.

If the student chooses to admit responsibility, they meet with a resolution specialist who assigns punishment. If the student decides not to do this, a hearing will be held to determine if it is more likely than not that the student committed DUI based on the evidence. The student has the right to bring an attorney to the hearing.

Possible school punishments for DUI

If the student is found to have committed a DUI, punishments can include a suspension from school or outright expulsion. Whether the punishment is this severe depends on the nature of the incident and if the student has prior Code of Conduct violations. Less onerous penalties like a written warning or probation period are also possible.

One mistake should not derail a college student’s promising future. And it is always possible that errors by the police mean that your son or daughter was wrongfully arrested or that evidence was illegally seized. An experienced defense attorney can review the case with your child and work to minimize the impact on their criminal and student records.