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What is tech abuse?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence takes many forms. Victims suffer not only physical pain but also emotional trauma. With the advent of modern-day technology, predators have found new ways to torment their targets. Conversely, those tactics are also used to make false allegations of a serious crime.

Technology abuse is a means to control a relationship. For them, smartphones, iPads and computers are to be used to secure and maintain power.

The strong possibility of wrongful accusations

Allegations can take many forms and include:

  • Pretending to be another person to gain contact
  • Excessively contacting via texts and calls, some considered abusive
  • Threatening violence to secure passwords and other ways to access victims’ accounts and threatening
  • Impersonating their victims online
  • Secretly placing a GPS tracker on vehicles to track targets
  • Using technology to monitor activities and read their targets’ text messages, social media activity, and internet searches
  • Forbidding victims from having phones or placing limits on who they can contact
  • Denying someone from having a phone or limiting who they can contact via phone or internet
  • Posting intimate photos without consent, also known as revenge porn

The Safe Connections Act is proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress that mandates wireless carriers to separate the phone lines of ex-couples within two days of receiving actual documentation of the alleged abuse. In addition, the providers are required to advertise the option.

While technology plays a significant role in providing tangible evidence in criminal cases, it can be easily manipulated to show a side of a supposed “abuser” that does not exist. Additionally, ex-spouses could pay more for their phone plans due to false allegations.

Freedoms and reputations are on the line, mandating the help of a criminal defense attorney with experience and a track record of success in these emotionally-charged cases.