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The countless consequences of traffic violations

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Serious Traffic Tickets

Traffic violations may not be the most serious of crimes. However, the financial penalties can be severe. In addition to significant fines for the alleged infraction, insurance rates can skyrocket to the point where paying the premium presents challenges.

Last year, fewer vehicles were traveling as many residents of Colorado, and the entire country stayed at home due to mandates or by their own choices. In 2020, driving dropped 13% from 2019. That did not stop accidents from occurring, many due to traffic violations both before and after the collision. In fact, fatal crashes spiked to a level not seen in 96 years.

The impact on insurance

Infractions can take many forms, as can the fines and other penalties associated with them. From failing to wear a seatbelt to drag racing, those getting ticketed could see insurance rates rise anywhere from less than one percent to 73.3%. Add to that the average minimum of three years that the violation is on a driving record.

Of all the driving violations, leaving the scene of an accident is the most costly. In many cases, drivers flee the accident site for a variety of reasons. They may have an existing arrest warrant or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of the reasons, a bad situation is made much worse. The fleeing driver is not only continuing risky behavior but also puts anyone sharing the road at risk.

In Colorado, that specific traffic violation is the most costly, with insurance rates increasing on average by nearly 55%, costing the driver $924. Not to mention the criminal consequences that could result in criminal penalties that could include fines or jail time that results in the loss of a job.

For those facing serious traffic violations, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to help minimize the consequences and the financial costs.