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Is the rise in homicides linked to increased domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Domestic Violence Charges

In 2018, Colorado Springs set a new record for homicide cases with 39 by the end of the year. The milestone could be surpassed this year as the city marked its 34th murder accusation with another under investigation. The year before saw homicides drop to an unprecedented 24 killings.

The number does not come close to larger cities in Colorado or throughout the nation. However, it does reflect a troubling nationwide trend. For the Denver suburb, some are linked to purported drug deals, self-defense, or accidents. Others seem to be tied to ongoing and record-setting levels of domestic violence.

Factors that increase and intensify domestic violence

Associations between violent and potentially deadly acts and pandemic-driven orders leading to lockdowns are difficult to prove without valid data. However, stress and anxiety are well-known problems associated with these measures over most of 2020, potentially intensifying existing conflicts.

Data from those who are in the business of helping victims of domestic violence are seeing an increase in people needing their services. They are also noting a rise in the level of violence. Should Colorado’s governor impose another lockdown, these professionals are calling for exemptions so alleged victims can be placed in a shelter by service providers.

Accusations of any form of domestic violence are taken seriously by law enforcement. The consequences can be catastrophic. Past procedures saw one spouse automatically removed from the home before any courtroom appearance. This year saw that dynamic change in a year where everything seemingly changed.

What remains the same is that those accused of serious or deadly domestic violence crimes remain innocent until proven guilty.