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Common Traffic Violations: Minor Infractions to Felony Charges

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Serious Traffic Tickets

A traffic violation is a crime that has no specific demographic. Simply put, it can happen to anyone. Infractions can take various forms and include running a red light, failing to signal, crossing the median, not using a seat belt and driving on the shoulder.

Reckless driving, not stopping for a school bus or pedestrian, or operating a car without a license, registration, or insurance, or while under the influence of alcohol, may carry more severe consequences.

What are the penalties for traffic-related offenses?

Many drivers find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they fail to alert other drivers before they make a decision that may affect others who share the road. Failing to use their signal before taking unsafe or ill-advised lane changes could result in fines potentially costing hundreds of dollars.

Infractions will result in “points” added to the driver’s license. A significant amount of points on a driving record only makes matters worse. When a person begins to accumulate these strikes against them, their driving record suffers. Speeding or other types of careless, reckless, or aggressive driving could range from a couple of points on a license while hitting and killing someone could lead to charges of felony vehicular manslaughter.

The remedy for all types of traffic violations are simple: employing safe driving practices while paying more attention to other drivers who share the road.