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College Fake ID Ring Bust Leads to Criminal Charges on Campus

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2012 | CU Students

College students in Boulder who need criminal defense advice are often concerned about drug charges, allegations involving sexual misconduct or arrests for underage alcohol consumption. That last category includes charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol as well as the offense of using fake identification.

Using a fake ID to get into a bar or buy liquor is a crime in Colorado and in many other states. A recent bust in a Georgia college town reveals a related crime that some students could be charged with: providing fake drivers licenses or other identification to fellow students.

The investigation of five students at the University of Georgia and Gainesville State College came after one freshman student complained to her resident assistant about her roommate. The RA passed along allegations to university police, who eventually seized computers, iPhones, hologrammed laminates, magnetic strips and other materials used to create IDs from several states.

One student was arrested on felony fraud charges of making and selling fake IDs, and the others may still face charges. Early in the investigation, campus police announced an amnesty program to encourage students with fake IDs to turn them in, which allowed them to add more than 300 samples of student ID fraud to the evidence.

Boulder police have reported a significant increase in recent years in the confiscation of ID cards at liquor stores, restaurants and drinking establishments. When that leads to further legal consequences for a student at CU, our Boulder criminal defense attorneys can provide targeted advice about strategies for avoiding a criminal record or disciplinary action from the Office of Student Conduct.

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