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Colorado seatbelt use remains low

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s 2022 Colorado Statewide Seat-Belt Study revealed that more state residents are buckling up before traveling in their respective automobiles. While any increase represents a promising trend, less than half a percent is hardly...

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What is tech abuse?

Domestic violence takes many forms. Victims suffer not only physical pain but also emotional trauma. With the advent of modern-day technology, predators have found new ways to torment their targets. Conversely, those tactics are also used to make false allegations of...

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The serious consequences of “Baby DUI” charges

Like almost all states, Colorado maintains zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving. So-called “Baby DUIs” carry severe criminal consequences when a small amount of alcohol is discovered in drivers under 21. Accidents caused by drinking and driving are among...

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Street racing continues to trend

With another Independence Day in the rearview mirror, the numbers of motor vehicle accidents are being tallied with an increase highly likely. Some of those collisions will involve illegal activities that date back to the invention of the car itself. Street racing saw...

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