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Can I really Smoke Pot on Probation With a Medical Card?

Years after legalization, Colorado is still working out some of the kinks with medical marijuana. A recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling clarified a 2015 law that allows the state's 80,000+ registered medical marijuana users to continue to medicate while serving a sentence to probation unless prohibiting continued use is necessary and appropriate to accomplish the goals of the being sentenced to probation in the first place.

The Legal Cannabis Conundrum

Recreational marijuana use is currently legal in eleven states and Washington, DC, with 33 states making medical cannabis lawful. Others are lining up to pass similar laws. Yet, as the numbers increase, so does the number of arrests for possession of the drug.

Understanding Minor In Possession Laws

For many college students, a "Minor in Possession" charge is their first- and hopefully only- foray into the world of a criminal defendant. While a first offense often has limited repercussions, it is important to know the laws surrounding underage alcohol and marijuana possession and use to avoid the risk of more serious consequences.

Marijuana Enforcement on 420

The morning news today featured the picture of a large, beautiful green marijuana leaf shining in the sunlight. Tomorrow is 420 and colorful banners were flying in advance to commemorate the celebration. Even Carl's Junior is getting into the act with their new 420 burger with CBD oil. Looks delicious by the way! No doubt the crowds will be enormous at that restaurant.

Colorado pot users not protected from workplace discrimination?

According to a recent ruling handed down by the Colorado Court of Appeals, employers can legally fire private or public employees for marijuana use either on or off the clock. Since the legalization of both medical and restricted recreational use, marijuana-related charges are levied against Coloradoans less and less often. Only possession and cultivation of marijuana beyond legally prescribed limits can generally result in criminal charges. However, other consequences of use continue to be of concern for Colorado residents.

When marijuana issues affect your parenting situation

Colorado has legalized personal, private use and individual possession of marijuana in certain amounts. This measure practically allows adults over the age of 21 to use marijuana in their homes without becoming subject to marijuana-related charges, provided that they possess no more than an ounce at a time. Residents will also not be subject to criminal consequences if they grow up to six marijuana plants for non-commercial cultivation. However, this does not mean that choosing to exercise one's rights under this new measure will be a consequence-free decision.

California marijuana case: State law v. federal law

The clash between California law and federal law on one particular subject is creating an unstable reality for many California residents. Though medical marijuana is legal in California, the federal government refuses to recognize this particular state law. As a result, individuals are being brought up on serious marijuana-related charges even though they have followed state law to the letter.

Debate over driving legally after marijuana use continues

Now that Colorado voters have legalized the recreational use of marijuana in certain amounts and in certain contexts, safety advocates have voiced concern that individuals will endanger fellow motorists by driving high. Drugged driving and other marijuana-related charges can be serious if added to one's criminal record. Therefore it is important for motorists to know when they may and may not legally drive after choosing to use marijuana.

State and federal law clash on Colorado marijuana legalization

Many Americans applauded voters in Colorado and Washington this past Election Day, when residents decided to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in certain circumstances. However, possession of marijuana remains a federal drug crime, even though it has been legalized at the state level. What does this mean practically for recreational marijuana users? No one is quite sure yet.

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