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Month: March 2020

Incarceration in Colorado during a pandemic

A few weeks have passed since social distancing went from an obscure reference to the parlance of our times. Pre-pandemic, the idea of maintaining a significant distance from anyone or everyone seemed unnatural and standoffish. Fast forward a microscopic span of time....

COVID-19 Office Update

As our community, country and world work together to limit the spread of the virus, we know that your legal needs do not stop. While the governor issued a statewide stay-at-home order, we are continuing to work tirelessly on your behalf. Our team of attorneys can...

Colorado Cannabis Businesses Fighting for Legitimacy

Year after year, state after state, the growing movement to legalize cannabis continues. Booming business opportunities see entrepreneurs legally selling their products, enjoying ever-expanding profits. Yet, obstacles continue. Federal laws still ban any form of use....

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